If you want to build your own website, but you don't have any previous knowledge or skills how to do that, you may use ready-made web templates that will enable you to start your world wide web presence without difficulty. With the development of the web-based design software within the last few years, templates are no longer single pages with a vibrant background. Themes for static web sites in most cases incorporate a lot of different pages for various purposes due to the fact that content cannot be generated dynamically, while themes for script-driven apps include an easy-to-navigate interface where you can control a number of advanced options, including media content or the amount of columns on a given Internet site. This enables you to start a feature-rich site even though you may have never used this sort of an application up to now.

Free Website Templates in Cloud Hosting

If you buy any of our cloud hosting plans, you'll receive access to many absolutely free templates which you can use for virtually any sort of site. We have an online website builder with over 70 themes which can be used for simpler web sites and each one has different styles and color schemes. You can even select from many pre-defined pages, like Contact Us, Directions, etc., so building a website is going to be quite simple. If you would like to have a more dynamic Internet site, you can use a script application such as WordPress or Mambo since we offer hundreds of free web templates for them too, each one with a variety of customizable options that can be accessed through the script back office. That way, you will not have to invest a lot of money for website design or pay for templates from third-party Internet sites.

Free Website Templates in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you obtain a semi-dedicated server solution from our company, you'll have access to a lot of themes that you can use for your Internet sites. We'll provide you with a number of online web design instruments - a web based website builder plus a large script app library. The website builder features over 70 templates, each with different styles, color schemes and ready pages for various purposes. If you’d like to use a script like WordPress or Moodle, you will be able to choose from tens of beautiful themes with a lot of advanced options which you can manage effortlessly through the script admin panel. With our semi-dedicated hosting plans you'll be able to save a lot of cash that you will otherwise have to invest in web design services or paid web templates on third-party websites.